Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Methods to Success, Persistence and Procrastination

Procrastination - Success being, the problem solves itself.
I'm a procrastinator.  I'm procrastinating right now.  I should be doing something else.  But I have found that in enough cases procrastination pays off.  It doesn't work for everything.  But with a honed intuition you can learn which things to procrastinate on.

Procrastination works well when someone asks a silly question, one they should already know or could find on their own.  Neglect and Procrastination are powerful people management techniques.  If you help them too much, they will just ask you all the time.  Being unavailable to a degree, forces them to take risks and make decisions on their own.  This works best when they are explicitly empowered to make decisions, basically do their job independently.

I am a natural procrastinator, not everyone is.  Procrastination comes from an ability to detach yourself (to a point) from the task that needs to be done.  No guilt or worry to stop me from procrastinating.

Don't get me wrong, while procrastinating, I am working on the solution; building modules in my head, imagining all the potential scenarios, and generally plotting.   This is probably the most dismissed part of successful procrastination.  I am actually working on it in my head.   When the time has run out and I must execute, I am efficient as I have already done all the thinking.

Persistence - Success being, the problem is solved threw effort.
Persistence is also another method I use to succeed.  Persistence boils down to focus and will power.  These are for the hardest of tasks.  Tasks where the path is not clear.  Many trips down different paths may be required.  Again this requires a level of detachment.  You must push out all emotion and intuition.  This is a scientific endeavor.  The sooner you realize you are on the wrong path and abandon it, the more time is available to try another path.

I am a classically trained oil painter.  I have a Bachelors of Fine Art.  People often tell me they could never paint.  And they are right if they lack detached persistence.  If I don't like what the painting looks like I just added more paint.  Eventually, I will become satisfied with the work.  And the detachment helps me admit the vision of the work and the final product will never be the same.  Being detached is important.  It allows you to find things you didn't know you where looking for.  When painting don't look for something, just look.  If it looks good, your done.  

Procrastination can exist within Persistence.
It takes bravery, confidence and intuition to procrastinate and succeed.  It takes focus, drive and detached brutal self analysis to persist to the point of success.  They are not opposites.  They are not even separate choices.  They are two methods to success that may be used simultaneously.  Remember, you are a multitude and can maintain multiple world views.  You have at least two brains, left and right.  I believe you can have more.   I have at least 8 right now and this is truly OK.   My brain is working properly.

"The difference between Bravery and Stupidity is Success." - unknown origin

"Hard work often pays off after time but laziness always pays of now." - unknown origin

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