Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happiness through not choosing.

I have forgotten two things that I once knew:
  1. Rolling Down Hill - This is a Taoist idea that choosing the easiest path is always the right path.

    This does not mean that you become a sloth.  If your goal is to climb a mountain, that is a good goal, but choose the easiest way up.

    Also, key to this belief is that when a path is in front of you walk.  Don't waste time waiting/creating another path.

    A big part of rolling down hill is trusting gravity and that it will take you where you need to go.  Worrying after choosing a path destroys all the gains of rolling down hill in the first place.

    The idea is not to choose but just roll.  Don't look back, just roll.  Don't fight yourself, just roll.  Rolling down hill is passive and not a choice at all.

    Case in point

    I have more work than I can do but for some dumb reason I keep looking, accepting or entertaining more work.  This makes no sense.  I need to stop doing and just roll.

  2. Being in the Now - I first learned of this idea from a book my wife had called, "Be here Now".  The take home for me was to become a sponge, forget everything and soak up all the energy around me.

    Right now I am thinking of all the happiness I did not soak up because I was mentally somewhere else.

    Recently I have been unhappy, lonely, depressed and in pain.  I feel deeply that this comes from thinking about things.  Being present in the moment is not about thinking.  It is the absence of thought.

    I find meditation through gardening.  It is my religion.  My connection back to Pacha Mama and all the energy that flows.  I'm going to spend more time in the yard not thinking.


  1. Michael,
    I have just discovered your blog and am moved by your honesty and articulateness. I had no idea you were out here writing out your soul. So many are afraid to tell the truth. As artists, I know it is what we revere most. And so heartening to see it put into practice.

    Thank you.
    In reverence, Kimi

    ps. do you know Elephant Journal? Maybe they'd be interested in your blog...tho you have to publish every week to be picked up by them, I think. Which sounds either stressful or like a good kick int the pants toward enlightenment. :)

  2. Welcome Kimi,

    It is all too weird that we were looking at your blog last night. Love the cut paper. Do more now. I mean it, right now! Why are you still reading this. GO! Cut (carve)!

    Michael Hofmockel

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