Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seeing bumps like a child, Thrilling!

A child traveling, thinks bumps in the road are a thrilling part of the trip.  Most adults traveling think bumps are to be avoided and when they do hit a bump are not thrilled.  If too many bumps are encountered we become frustrated, annoyed, intolerant and eventually just mad at the road.  And anyone on it.

I seem to have a lot of bumps, it feels like more than average.  They are exhausting me and have beaten me down.  I'm frustrated and annoyed.  I'm mad and quick to attack.  I want to give up but then I think of my family and how much they need me to be happy.

So now, at this moment, I am posting a missing child poster for my inner child who thinks bumps are thrilling.  I'm printing hundreds of flyers, tacking them to poles, showing them to strangers and posting them to the web.  I have new resolve (way to ruin that word Pres. Bush) to find him some how for my family's sake.  He can't be gone or it's hopeless.

If I could locate him, I know I would be that much closer to happiness.  With this many bumps and the right child-like attitude my life could be thrilling, more thrilling than average.  Where did he go?  How did I lose him?   When exactly was the moment I changed my view on bumps in the road?

I will continue to look for him but until he shows up I'm going to practice happiness by bluffing it.

From this moment forward I am actively choosing to find bumps in my road Thrilling!  I will scream out load, throw up my hands and then roll with laughter at being caught off guard.  I will turn the wheel, jerking back and forth making sure not to miss a potential bump/thrill.

So for all of you, (Family, friends, and even others who happen to be traveling on the same road) buckle up and hang-on because I am sick of being frustrated by bumps to the point of avoiding them.  I'm going to drive like a mad man drunk on the thrill of the bumps in my road hitting every single one.  Bring on the bumps.


  1. I think of you and the first image I have of you - is you as your missing child. In your parents living room, serving as your assistant while you're doing magic tricks. Pulling colored paper ribbon out of your mouth for what seemed like forever, juggling different items including some very heavy items and then an apple which you would take bites out of. I see that inner child in you still and hear it in your voice - enjoy your ride and if you ever need someone to put you in a shopping cart, jump on the back and push you down a hill (like my dad used to do to us) - you just let me know, I will gladly accompany you on that bumpy ride!

  2. I never just push the cart to the car. At almost 40, I get that sucker rolling with kids, groceries and wife watching. After decades of trips from the door to the car I have learned that if you put either foot gently on one of the rear wheels you can accurately steer. Or even stop in a dramatic rotation that reminds me of pulling the hand brake on the big wheel.

    The kids find this thrilling, as do I. But they are screaming and I am not. There is some more thrill in there for me. Next time, I promise to scream with them. And I'm going to start parking farther away. Out with all those new car snobs who park sideways. Just so I can get a longer ride!


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